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You Never Stop Learning

Hi, I'm Frank

I started taking lessons at the age of 12 and at age 64 I am still learning. A. Segovia, at age 93, said "I wish I were younger, there is so much more to learn."

I Love All Styles of Guitar Music

Playing classical music certainly can to difficult, but jazz to me is far more challanging. Most jazz guitarist rarely play the same solo twice. In the sixties, I practiced Barney Kessel's solo of "Satin Doll" so that I could play every single note. I got a chance to meet him and actually sit with him durring his intermissions. I could hardly wait to hear "Satin Doll", and when he finally played it, his solo was completely different from the record. This came to me as a real shock. I asked him why he didn't play the solo on his record, and he said he couldn't recall what he played. An improtant lesson for me.

There are so many guitarist I like but my favorite are: JAZZ; Barney Kessel, Johnney Smith and Howard Roberts. CLASSICAL; Andre Sagovia and Christopher Parkening. COUNTRY; Alvin Lee,Brent Mason and Chet. ROCK; Joe Satraini, Blues Saracino and Eddie Van Halen. FOLK; Steve Grossman. ALL STYLES; Eric Johnson.

Over the past few years, I have enjoyed lessons form so many of you contributors, especially Robert Denman, Christopher Sung and Bruce Maag. All have inspired me to practice more and to learn techinques the will develope my skill better, Thank you all.

Musical Influences

  • Barney Kessel
  • Brent Mason
  • Joe Satraini

Favorite Recordings

  • All of Kessel's
  • All of J. Smith's
  • All of Satraini's