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I am a beginning guitar and one day I'll be professional

My interests

My name is Laura.I am 35 years old,living in New Jersey. I just recently started playing.My interest are in learning blues,jazz,country and christian music but will love to learn all sort of music also but these listed above are my main interest.I have a brother that play the guitar and bass he was even in a band and did gig in different clubs that kind of stuff.I think that out of all of my favorite musical influences it would be Jimi Himi Hendrix.Just love the locks in his face when he was playing his guitar.It's as if he was in love with it.The way got into his music really catches my attention.I especially love the song"Foxey Lady" you can definately hear guitar in the back ground.

Another influence

I have another influence his name is Tony Melendez and the reason he's such an influence to me is because he has no arms and he is a guitar player.Do you wonder how he plays the guitar?with his feet.Every time I think about it incourage me more to keep going.

Musical Influences

  • Carlos Santana
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Estaban