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Student of Music for Life

Whats up !!

Welcome to my homepage...I guess. Hope you guys enjoy. My name is Luis, I have been trying to play the guitar for two years and have only barley begun to actually learn to be a musician for the past year. Something I have found out the hard way are two totally different things.

Posers upset me

If it's one thing I cant stand it's posers. If all you know are power chords and are ignorant enough to call your self a guitarist or are a poser!!! Wearing shirts of awsome inspiring bands and artist and not knowing one darn thing about are a poser. Learn your instrument, but before you learn that, learn music, appreciate all the hard work that goes into playing in instrument, not just turning up the gain and making racket! There is a difference between rock and roll, and racket! Please don forget that. P.S. to all the young heads, dont limit yourself to the crap thats on the radio, or bands that you feel you should like doors, led, stones, ac/dc, or else you will never grow as a musician.

Musical Influences

  • My Father
  • Jimmy Page
  • SVR

Favorite Recordings

  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Cream
  • Are you Experienced