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James Kleine (Most people I know call me Kazz)

Odd man Out

Hey! My name is James I live in Brampton Ontario Canada, my favorite things to do are play guitar work on my 1974 plymouth road runner and fiddle with engines and electronics. I'm also known for my wealth of completely useless info from getting gum outta your jeans to bypassing vaccume advance on an old dodge.

I'm kinda new to guitar But Really want to learn more.

My equipment

I have a Charvelle electric and a Lasido Electric an older marshal amp and multiple Pedals. All I need now is to figure out how to get the music from my head onto the guitar. (Not a head banger joke)

Musical Influences

  • BB King, Collin James, Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Johnny Lang, Our Lady Peace, Megadeth, Death
  • Van Halen, a Whack of em'!!