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About me

Hi my name is Andrew Noseworthy and i am from Lab City Newfoundland. I play guitar, bass guitar and keyboard but mostly just guitar. Id like to say under the musical influences and favorite recordings its just my top three. I have much more than that. I play in a band here called us and them (hence my name)where i play lead guitar and sing. We play mostly metal but like to play some classic rock and punk every now and then. Especialy the misfits and Pink Floyd. We like to play stuff by metallica, killswitch engage, gwar, black Sabbath, Coheed and Cambria and much more. any ways heres my gear


Guitars: B.C. Rich bronze series Warlock, Fiesta accoustic and Phantom Bass. Amps: Crate GX-30m, Traynor guitar mate reverb, Force 1 piece of crap and a Crate BFX15. Other: Ernie ball slinkie strings (46-10), Planet waves cords, Ibanez pedal w/ tube screamer, stereo chorus and compressor/limiter, HEIL sound talk box, Dunlop trigger capo, dunlop slide, fender medium picks and bc rich picks, Euro sound mixing board, Shure mic.

Musical Influences

  • Balsac the jaws of death
  • The fresh prince of bell-air
  • Varg Vikornes and Alexi Laiho

Favorite Recordings

  • Pink Floyd-The wall
  • Rammstein- Reise, reise and Sehnsucht
  • Coheed and Cambria- The second stage turbine blade and In keeping secrets of the silent earth:3