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Palette Amps


Handmade, Custom-Built Tube Amplifiers

For almost three decades I have honed my skills in designing and building tube amplifiers. During my formative years in Sussex, England, many hours were spent running discotheques. (Anyone remember the 70's?) Due to lack of funds and youth in general, I found myself forced to produce all my own equipment. Speakers, amplifiers, decks, lighting: you name it, I built it. It did not take long to discover a natural aptitude. Recognition of my work by Mullard led to an apprenticeship in electronics research. This was fundamental in my mastery of military specification wiring techniques. Following a Bachelor degree in Math and Quantum Physics, I spent two years earning a Masters and three years research for my doctoral at the prestigious Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton University. The following sixteen years were spent developing electronics for Ford Research of Europe, culminating in my appointment to Vice President of a Fortune 100 Company in Oklahoma, USA. Our attention to detail provides our customers with a fantastic sounding amp that, in addition to being a work of art, improves its look and sound with age. Between our staff we have been listening to classic as well as modern design amplifiers and recorded music, of all styles, for many years. Take advantage of our experience. Our features are straightforward and intuitive. Our tone covers a wide spectrum of musicians and sounds. We have designed our amplifiers to be used on stage and in the studio. We believe our amps contain all the best ingredients the professionals demand but do not let that shy the intermediate or beginning guitarist away. We encourage all musicians and hobbyists to check our amps out. We believe once you play our amp you will have a hard time settling for anything less. Take your artistry to the next level with a Palette amp. Please visit my website to find out more about Palette Amps.