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El Choclo!

El Choclo says hello.

Welcome to the world of El Choclo! El Choclo has criss-crossed the USA many times with various collections of like-minded musical misfits. He is humbled and flattered that you have chosen to point your browser here.

El Choclo has "The Curse".

"The Curse" is incurable and highly contagious. Million of musicians are afflicted with it every year. "The Curse" is a condition that causes the sufferer to forego a normal life in persuit of music. The victim will miss birthdays, weddings, meals, baby's first steps, puppy's first down-stay, last night's SNL, family reunions, former band reunions--you name it, forget it. It is transmitted many ways: sometimes from musician to musician, other times from recording to musician, and in rare cases from nature to musician. "The Curse" enters the body thorough the ear and makes a direct line to the heart. It then travels to the brain where it simultaneously stimulates the frontal cortex's pleasurable zones; while blocking and destroying all portions of the brain that deal with reality and everyday function. For a case study of a truly "cursed" person, go here: No hope for this one...

El Choclo's musical tastes change with the weather. This is due to the double whammy of "The Curse" and El Choclo's Aquarian orientation. Maybe someday "The Curse" will release its hold on him enough to allow him to speak in 1st person. Until then, his musical tastes and influences du jour are reflected below.

Musical Influences

  • James Jamerson: Motown Bassist
  • Leo Nocentelli from The Meters.
  • Don Rich from Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

Favorite Recordings

  • Ain't No Use: The Meters--Rejuvination.
  • Buckaroo: Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.
  • Country Boy Bounce: Buddy Emmons.