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Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
The Allman Brothers Band - The Definitive Collection for Guitar - Volume 2
The Allman Brothers Band - The Definitive Collection for Guitar - Volume 2
Best of The Beatles for Acoustic Guitar
Best of The Beatles for Acoustic Guitar
Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love
Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love

Popular Guitar Instructional Resources

  1. Inside The Music (5.0 Stars · 6 Reviews)
    Free online guitar lessons covering chords, scales, theory, and technique, and more.
    Instruction: On-Line · 5337 Hits · Posted on 2/7/2000 by StoneDragon

  2. Advanced Lead Guitar Technique (5.0 Stars · 5 Reviews)
    Free, comprehensive guitar lessons on lead technique (picking, scales, arpeggios, tapping, legato, etc). MIDI, audio, and member forum.
    Instruction: On-Line · 29164 Hits · Posted on 3/15/2003 by Brian Huether (9)

  3. Swing And Jump Blues Guitar (5.0 Stars · 5 Reviews)
    A complete and free course in Swing and Jump Blues Guitar. It consists of a 70 page instruction book, 100 TABS, 82 audio examples (RA and MP3), links,bios etc! And it can all be downloaded for free!
    Instruction: On-Line · 1870 Hits · Posted on 12/24/2000 by Matthieu Brandt (892)

  4. Caged System - WholeNote Lesson (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    Josh Graves' WholeNote lesson about the CAGED system of guitar
    Instruction: On-Line · 16138 Hits · Posted on 7/18/2000 by Paul Stelzmann (340)

  5. Free online guitar lessons and music resources, using video, audio and MIDI.
    Instruction: On-Line · 4632 Hits · Posted on 6/20/1999 by Shawn Bradshaw (6)

  6. Riff Interactive (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    FREE live lessons every Thusday night at 9 o'clock EST (6 p.m. Pacific) with a top notch instructor, on just about every style imaginable.<br/><br/> You can also search through their archives of lessons and celebrity lessons, too.<br/><br/>
    Instruction: On-Line · 1465 Hits · Posted on 12/17/2000 by Tony Boyd (189)

  7. Stone Dragons Guitar Site (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    This site is fantastic, its split between lessons to take you from beginner to advanced arranged in a logical progressive order and lessons for "ear" players to learn music theory, i've learned a lot from this site, check it out.
    Instruction: On-Line · 1817 Hits · Posted on 1/9/2001 by Richard Templeton (136)

  8. Understandable Lessons On Line! (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    This site gives you tools and instruction about playing guitar in any style. It includes a lot of Different skill level based lessons to choose from, and also lets you comunicate with other guitarist.
    Instruction: On-Line · 1755 Hits · Posted on 9/21/2000 by ROB BROWN (174)

  9. Free Guitar Videos (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Free guitar lessons online ,and quicktime video of the lessons.Found the link in the Guitar one mag,sept02 issue
    Instruction: On-Line · 3539 Hits · Posted on 9/17/2002 by Louis DePetris III (111)

  10. The title says it all - this is an outstanding overview of the elements of E.C.'s style.
    Instruction: On-Line · 1588 Hits · Posted on 4/9/2002 by Darryl Roberts (5330)