Tom Barton

Company Apollo Music
Address P.O. Box 661
St. Paul, VA USA
Phone # 276-762-5633
Instruments Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Double Bass, Piano, Keyboards/Synth, Recording, Theory, Composition, Saxophone, Harmonica
Musical Styles Rock/Pop, Alternative, Funk/R&B, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Punk, Reggae, Acoustic/Folk, Christian, Classical, Electronica, Experimental, Slapping, Tapping, Sweeping
Skill Levels Beginner, Intermediate

Personal Statement

I am a sticklier for theory. You will learn theory. While in my "class" you will quickly learn how to build your own bass lines, melodies, solos and such. My goal is to make you a musician who is able to learn just as easily form themself that from any teacher.

Teaching Details

Teaching Experience 3 Years
Teaching Location Home Studio, Matt Smith Music, Apollo Music, Music Depot. These are all in the Bristol Virginia/Tennessee area. Will come to you if you are willing to pay a little extra.
Lesson Rates $6.00 per 1/2 Hour. The further ahead you pay in advanced, the cheaper the rate will be. Email me for a complete listing.
Cancellation Policy 6 hours notice required.
Education & Training I was taught to teach through private lessons I took throught a Doctor of Music from Boston Univrsity. I have excellent communication skills and am certified to give private lessons through Apollo Music.