daniel allaby

Address Macclesfield, United Kingdom
Email d_allaby@yahoo.co.uk
Phone # 01625 430482
Instruments Electric Guitar
Musical Styles Rock/Pop, Funk/R&B, Metal, Blues, Reggae, Just training the fingers to do what the ear wants to hear
Skill Levels Beginner, Intermediate

Personal Statement

I mix things the student can do with things he/she can't yet do. That way it's more enjoyable. I discover strengths and weaknesses so that I can provide lessons that develop a broader technic. We'll look at acuracy and tone with a view to gaining a quality of playing that the student is happy with. I'm not overly insistent on method, since some ways of doing things are more comfortable for different players. eg. I use a pick more with my left hand.

Teaching Details

Teaching Experience 12 Years
Teaching Location home
Musical Influences Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin,Jimi Hendrix, Muse, The Beastie Boys, Metalica, Rage Against the Machine, Beck.
Education & Training I have associated board certificates in brass and piano but I don't teach to read music. I sang in the Halle choir, Manchester. I play both left and right handed and as such have overcome more learning difficulties than most.