The Guitar Store

The guitar store is courtesy of, and your support of the store helps us maintain and build new functionality for WholeNote. Browse the store and when an item interests you, you can add it to your electronic shopping cart at ActiveMusician. Please refer to the store help page if you have any questions. Please note that shipping is limited to the United States only.
Electric Guitars
Sweet-sounding axes from B.C. Rich, Dean, Fernandes, Italia, and Washburn that won't break your budget!
Acoustic Guitars
Quality 6-strings, Acoustic/Electrics, Nylon-strings, 12-strings from a variety of quality makers
Guitar Effects
Your favorite effects from Boss, Dunlop, MXR, Visual Sound, and Zoom, plus a line of budget effects!
Guitar Amps
Combo Amps, Portable Amps, Headphone Amps at prices designed to please!
Guitar Strings
Guitar strings from GHS, Dean Markley, D'Addario, Martin, Gibson and more at prices way below list!
Guitar Accessories
Guitar goodies at great prices like Tuners, Bags & Cases, Cables, Guitar Stands, Straps and more!
Guitar Tab & Sheet Music
A wide range of instructional books, plus note-for-note guitar transcription and guitar tab books.
Guitar Videos
Hundreds of one-on-one lessons with guitarists like Ted Nugent, Albert Lee, Tony Iommi, Doc Watson, and Les Paul!