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Guitar Resources in Hands-On - Electronics

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  1. Guitar Effects Projects (4.3 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Build your own guitar effects. Schematics, layouts, diagrams and detailed instructions to build some common guitar stompboxes. Great for beginners.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 9580 Hits · Posted on 5/31/2000 by JD Sleep (73)

  2. Guitar Electronics (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Most complete list of Guitar and Bass wiring diagrams and wiring tricks I have seen.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 9199 Hits · Posted on 6/5/2002 by Chet Feathers (995)

  3. Effectronics (No Reviews)
    Information on building your own electronic effects for guitars for novices and professionals alike.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 5583 Hits · Posted on 5/13/1999 by WholeNote

  4. Ampage (4.5 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Amplifier schematics, tube data, a BBS, chat, and a host of other resources, all in the name of tube amps and music electronics.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 4638 Hits · Posted on 5/13/1999 by WholeNote

  5. Analog Music Zone (No Reviews)
    Schematics for guitar effects, electronic circuits, and recording tips & techniques for the amateur and professional.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 4357 Hits · Posted on 5/13/1999 by WholeNote

  6. This book is for people who are into vintage tube amps!Listed are how tubes work ,how you can CHANGE the sound of your amp by changing to different rated tubes.The book contains schematics for many vintage amps.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 3589 Hits · Posted on 10/26/2002 by Larry Broniste (1213)

  7. Hoffman Amps (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Parts for tube amps.If you need it,they may have it.
    Hands-On: Electronics · 2448 Hits · Posted on 4/2/2004 by Randy Combs (6529)