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  1. This is actually a listing of free software that can be loaded on Palm Pilots that use an OS of 3.0 or higher.
    Software: Instructional · 9012 Hits · Posted on 9/18/2002 by Ayden Nathan (1431)

  2. Scalar Training software to help you systematically master scales. Before you start, your skills will be assessed and your training program is then tailored just for you. Success is guaranteed.
    Software: Instructional · 5382 Hits · Posted on 2/23/2005 by Craig Pinegar (28)

  3. Ptm A Great Guitar Method (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is the guitar method you should use. I did.
    Software: Instructional · 5347 Hits · Posted on 11/7/2002 by Tom Marcellis (81)

  4. SWREG 1: SPEED Training Software (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Guaranteed to systematically improve your speed in many areas. Before you begin, the software profiles your abilities and recommends a program tailored exactly for you. Success is guaranteed.
    Software: Instructional · 5292 Hits · Posted on 2/23/2005 by Craig Pinegar (28)

  5. Chord WIzard Chord Wizard (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Chord Wizard Software can do anything aguitarist need to do, print out Scale Charts, Chord Charts, look up related scales or chords, and lets you enter new chords and new scales to further expand it's use.
    Software: Instructional · 4688 Hits · Posted on 4/2/2002 by Hector Merced (1816)

  6. GVox Guitar Software (2.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Gvox is an instructional software for guitar. It has games and lessons you can play while plugged into your pc.
    Software: Instructional · 4268 Hits · Posted on 7/8/2000 by Cary Frick (3578)
  7. MidiTec EarMaster Pro 4.0 (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Ear training software for Windows. Exercises in: Intervals, Chords, Scales, Melodies and Rhythms. Answer using the on-screen Piano, Guitar or Staff, or use multiple choice. Use a microphone to sing, play or clap you answer.
    Software: Instructional · 3748 Hits · Posted on 3/19/2001 by Claus Lavdal

  8. Beginner's introduction to the guitar. With both tab and standard musical notation, Guitar Method's objectives include mastering the pick, arpeggios, melodies, and chords and performing basic rhythms to a steady beat.
    Software: Instructional · 3494 Hits · Posted on 6/2/2000 by WholeNote

  9. Francouis Brisson Fretboard Warrior (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    A program that takes the fretboard of a guitar and put a dot on a individual note and asks the user to name the note. This is organized into a game to where it keeps score of how many right you have, and how many wrong.
    Software: Instructional · 3471 Hits · Posted on 2/9/2003 by Matt Davis (895)

  10. Charanga Software ChordCoach (4.5 Stars · 1 Review)
    A Chord library with a twist, you can download songs from a database and when selected the program will display all the chords in that song.
    Software: Instructional · 3432 Hits · Posted on 7/23/2002 by Tony Arnold (2864)

  11. PG Music Jazz Guitar MasterClass (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is a very good program for all levels of playing. It has very good multimedia features, 60 lessons, and 5 hours of voice instruction. At 49$ it wouldn't take long to get your money's worth.
    Software: Instructional · 2950 Hits · Posted on 3/28/2000 by Ken Rhodes (17)

  12. Aural skills training program designed for both the serious and casual musician. Practice melodic and harmonic intervals, chord and note identification, and rhythm. Supports mic voice input. Limited to 7 uses before some features are disabled.
    Software: Instructional · 2791 Hits · Posted on 6/2/2000 by WholeNote

  13. This is an instructional cd-rom. It teaches you Clapton's Crossroads, Hendrix's Little Wing, and Jeff Beck's Freeway Jam.
    Software: Instructional · 2690 Hits · Posted on 2/21/2001 by Eric Hargreaves (528)

  14. Shockwave programme is free (8.5 mb) at From the homepage you can join for 50 mb Blackswans Freedrive and download the exe version which is softwrapped (4.5mb)and other programmes i am making (some for free)
    Software: Instructional · 2597 Hits · Posted on 2/4/2001 by Denys Geel (131)

  15. CDB Fretboard Trainer is a small program to help you learn the notes of the fretboard on a guitar or bass.
    Software: Instructional · 2588 Hits · Posted on 3/12/2002 by Drew Todd (1193)

  16. Seventh String Transcribe! (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This software allows a person to analyze a sound file, slowing it down without affecting the pitch and seeing the waveform layout against a keyboard to help identify the notes. A great tool for transcription. Which I had this years ago!!!
    Software: Instructional · 2588 Hits · Posted on 12/2/2004 by Jim Heidinger (8553)

  17. This free download is great. I just started using it and have noticed improvement already. I beleive this ear trainer will have you covered. Try it what have you got to lose?
    Software: Instructional · 2506 Hits · Posted on 12/16/2003 by Dexter Johnson (5132)

  18. Learn the basics from the comfort of your own home. Over one hundred lesson ranging from stringing and tuning the guitar, to playing chords and melodies, to reading tablature and standard notation. Complete with video and audio commentary.
    Software: Instructional · 2485 Hits · Posted on 1/2/2004 by Kit Williams (168)

  19. Judd Younce Chord Conquering (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Chord Conquering contains Photos, Diagrams, Animation, and String Sounds for 2,820 Guitar Chords! Also includes special features. Download demo at; commercial only available on CD. Chord Conquering is a must have for ALL guitarist!
    Software: Instructional · 2411 Hits · Posted on 3/19/2004 by Judd Younce (63)

  20. Name any note - BY EAR! Sing any desired note at will. The #1 best selling ear training method for 25 years. The only method proven at two leading universities. For all musicians: beginner, advanced, and pro.
    Software: Instructional · 2361 Hits · Posted on 6/27/2006 by Laura Miller (18)