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  1. The Art Of Kirk Hammett by Arthur Rotfeld (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    The book is filled with easy to understand descriptions of Kirk's licks, and they are broken down into categories like Classic Rock Pull-off licks, Blues Licks and Heavy Metal Licks too. Included is Kirk Hammett's view of the Fingerboard.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 252 Hits · Posted on 1/12/2010 by Scott Simeone (31)
  2. The Best Of Guns N Roses (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Provides tabs of 10 of the bands best songs including "sweet child o' mine" and "Yesterdays" along with extra "Slash's slide guitar licks" and extracts of other popular songs.Also comes with a tutorial cd going through each song and slide licks.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 434 Hits · Posted on 7/11/2006 by Tristan Drew (11)
  3. This book contains the songs from the tribute ozzy and rhoads live setting. All the songs are in great fashion and nailed down perfectly. Has an intro and pictures. Very good book.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 640 Hits · Posted on 7/9/2005 by Jared Wilhelm (644)
  4. Alice In Chains 'Nothing Safe' by Hal Leonard (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Tab book to matching cd from Alice in Chains. Has tablature, chord blocks, and vocals.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1178 Hits · Posted on 8/29/2004 by Jared Wilhelm (644)
  5. Anthrax State Of Euphoria by No Name (2.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is as rythym transcription of the album State Of Euphoria by Anthrax. It is a kind of lame version of a trascription book for the fact it does not give the solos or proper rythym transcription.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1112 Hits · Posted on 7/14/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  6. Megadeth Rust In Peace by Carl Culpepper (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This is a transcription book for the album Rust In Peace by Megadeth. It is a fast paced thriller and possibly one of the most hardest and fast paced influential albums I have ever come acrossed sinse ...And Justice For All.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1073 Hits · Posted on 7/14/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  7. This is a transcription book to the album of Metallica's ...And Justice For All. It gives detailed tablature to the lyrics and music for the album.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1079 Hits · Posted on 7/14/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  8. Metallica MAster Of Pupppets by Kenn Chipkin (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    It is a transcription book of Metallica's Master Of Puppets Album. This is one of the GOD of all albums ever created by Metallica and will show you note for note how to play their songs.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1166 Hits · Posted on 7/14/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  9. It is a transcription book of Metallica's Ride The Lightning. It teaeches you how to play all the songs on this particualr album.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 740 Hits · Posted on 7/14/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  10. Metallica Kill'em All by Wolf Marshall (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    It is a transcription of Metallica's first album. The book gives a brief introduction to the band and the chordal patterns that they like to play in.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 998 Hits · Posted on 7/13/2004 by Lincoln Barnes (840)
  11. Metallica: Black Album (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Full notation and tablature for Metallica's Black Album.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 2071 Hits · Posted on 8/31/2003 by Alexander Alasj (407)
  12. Thrash Guitar Method by Troy Stetina (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Advanced rhythms, advanced picking techiques. This book basicly pushes your metal rythm playing ability to it's maximum!
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1659 Hits · Posted on 7/30/2003 by Keith Deuser (2686)
  13. Shred Guitar by Paul Hanson (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    A complete system for the rock improvisor with play along tracks, licks & patterns, theory, and much more.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1741 Hits · Posted on 7/7/2003 by Taylor Carr (185)
  14. Death Warp by Jeremy Disten (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Death Warp is a heavy metal tablature site with over 1000 guitar and bass transcriptions and powertabs.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1774 Hits · Posted on 5/28/2003 by Jeremy Disten (8)

  15. Megadeth - Guitar School by Dale Turner (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Complete music and tab to selected songs from the Mustaine & Friedman era. Contains classics from Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 1676 Hits · Posted on 9/27/2002 by Jonathan Wilson (115)
  16. Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    It's a guitar tablature book of Yngwie's album entitled 'Rising Force'. It contains every song transcribed, note for note.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 2116 Hits · Posted on 7/9/2002 by Leonard Viator (127)
  17. Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar by Troy Stetina (4.9 Stars · 15 Reviews)
    You will not find a better book in the market. Well written and a great accompanying CD. I play the cd in my car cd player(It is so good). Listen to 'flight of the bumble bee'. Hooked already?
    Books/Tab: Metal · 3607 Hits · Posted on 2/11/2001 by Sheshagiri Pai (4313)
  18. Megadeth---Rust In Peace (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    If you're looking to tear things apart with fury and speed, this book is essential. Easy to read and follow. The best part is that it's transcribed for every instrument.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 2142 Hits · Posted on 1/5/2001 by William Locke (8)
  19. Continuation of the metal rhythm guitar technique covered in Vol 1, with plenty of examples for different skill levels. 72 pages w/CD.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 2387 Hits · Posted on 11/26/1999 by WholeNote
  20. Uses examples to illustrate the basics of metal rhythm and timing, from simple upbeat rhythms to advanced syncopations. 64 pages w/CD.
    Books/Tab: Metal · 2879 Hits · Posted on 11/26/1999 by WholeNote