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  1. Metallica (Black Album) by Metallica (4.4 Stars · 14 Reviews)
    Metallica's entrance into the mainstream. One of the greatest metal albums of all time.
    Recordings: Metal · 6035 Hits · Posted on 1/7/2000 by Jason Reich (1765)

  2. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera (4.7 Stars · 9 Reviews)
    This is the first major release from one of the biggest metal bands around. Tracks are fast, aggressive, and heavy, making some very exciting music.
    Recordings: Metal · 5850 Hits · Posted on 3/9/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)
  3. Acoustica by Metallica (4.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    A great collection of popular metallica songs played purely acoustic. Really cool. Recorded live from KSOJ studios during as a christmas special. Tons of special guests and intoxicated fun.
    Recordings: Metal · 5459 Hits · Posted on 2/1/2000 by Jason Reich (1765)
  4. Kill em All by Metallica (4.2 Stars · 13 Reviews)
    Metallica's first trip to the studio. A superfast, unorganized thrash-fest that really defined Metallica's early period.
    Recordings: Metal · 4728 Hits · Posted on 10/1/1999 by Jason Reich (1765)

  5. Master of Puppets by Metallica (4.9 Stars · 14 Reviews)
    Metallica's 3rd and final album with Cliff Burton. The title track "Master of Puppets" was voted the "best metal song of all time" in a recent radio poll. One of the biggies.
    Recordings: Metal · 4579 Hits · Posted on 2/2/2000 by Jason Reich (1765)

  6. Vulgar Display Of Power by Pantera (5.0 Stars · 10 Reviews)
    Pantera's second major release. A bit more powerful than CFH, but it has the same feel.
    Recordings: Metal · 3983 Hits · Posted on 6/3/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)

  7. Ride the Lightning by Metallica (4.9 Stars · 17 Reviews)
    Metallica's second album, a metal masterpeice. Only 8 songs, but almost all of them are classics. One of their best albums.
    Recordings: Metal · 3486 Hits · Posted on 12/6/1999 by Jason Reich (1765)
  8. Tribute by Ozzy Osbourne (4.8 Stars · 6 Reviews)
    The late Perfect Master of metal guitar is ulogized in this double lp by former bandleader Ozzy Osbuorne....this is a live album recorded in Montreal in December 1981, a mere 3 months before Rhoads' tradjic death in a plane crash at the age of 25.
    Recordings: Metal · 3357 Hits · Posted on 6/24/2000 by Philip Thoma (230)
  9. S&M by Metallica (3.7 Stars · 11 Reviews)
    The newest CD from Metallica. Contains two new songs plus 18 others performed live with the San Fransisco symphony orchestra. Comes as two CDs.
    Recordings: Metal · 3191 Hits · Posted on 12/6/1999 by Jason Reich (1765)

  10. Reinventing the Steel by Pantera (4.9 Stars · 10 Reviews)
    A total domination of nonstop power from the boys from Dallas
    Recordings: Metal · 2999 Hits · Posted on 3/21/2000 by Keith Hart (82)
  11. Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen (4.4 Stars · 8 Reviews)
    This Swedish born guitarist is one of the founding fathers of shred. This CD is a mix of cheesy 80's hair-metal with Yngwie's famous neo-classical guitar. You can almost taste the aqua-net hairspray on this one...
    Recordings: Metal · 2952 Hits · Posted on 12/14/1999 by Jason Reich (1765)
  12. Reload by Metallica (3.5 Stars · 9 Reviews)
    Metallica got killed by their own sucess on this album. What would have been a stellar, multi-platinum debut by any other band turned into the "Bad Seed" (sorry) out of the Metallica collection. If you put your prejudice aside, you'll hear a good album.
    Recordings: Metal · 2681 Hits · Posted on 2/9/2000 by Jason Reich (1765)

  13. Angels Cry by Angra (4.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Angra, a Brazilian progressive-metal band, brings us the state of art melodic metal CD. A must have for all metal fans. Really a good choice. You wont believe what you hear. The guitarrists are more than great
    Recordings: Metal · 2644 Hits · Posted on 12/14/1999 by Victor Garcia (275)

  14. Garage Inc by Metallica (4.2 Stars · 6 Reviews)
    Metal Gods still on a roll, even with cover songs.
    Recordings: Metal · 2565 Hits · Posted on 11/24/1999 by Frederick Burton (5465)
  15. Load by Metallica (3.9 Stars · 7 Reviews)
    If you love thrash metal, this album is not for you.
    Recordings: Metal · 2542 Hits · Posted on 2/9/2000 by Jason Reich (1765)

  16. Sonic Brew by Black Label Society (4.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    "Alcohol-fueled Brewtality" from one of the baddest mofo axemen on the planet to have ever graced the stage with the Ozzmeister. This new release could be decribed as "Pride & Glory on CRACK!"
    Recordings: Metal · 2539 Hits · Posted on 12/2/1999 by Craig Smoot (906)

  17. Nightfall In Midlle-Earth by Blind Guardian (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    ...actually, this record isn't Metal... not only Metal... it have something more... got the best reviews on the magazines and web sites... you have to hear it to understand...
    Recordings: Metal · 2034 Hits · Posted on 12/14/2000 by Pedro Werneck (463)

  18. A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater (4.8 Stars · 5 Reviews)
    This is a fantastic progressive rock record with an epic song and very good covers of: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis... Great musicians.
    Recordings: Metal · 1955 Hits · Posted on 10/7/1999 by Pablo Garcia (262)

  19. Follow The Reaper by Children Of Bodom (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    This Cd has the most technical guitar and keyboard playing that i could ever even imagine. This cd amazed me. And it still does.
    Recordings: Metal · 1920 Hits · Posted on 7/6/2001 by Bryan Morrison (9786)
  20. Undecieved by Extol (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Extol plays a brilliant mixture of melodic death metal. The music is technical but not <i>too</i> complex yet still possesses great hooks, melodies and catchiness. Sporadic use of a violin and brilliant clean vocals top it all off.
    Recordings: Metal · 1808 Hits · Posted on 11/2/2002 by Mat Venable (346)