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  1. Vulgar Display Of Power by Pantera (5.0 Stars · 10 Reviews)
    Pantera's second major release. A bit more powerful than CFH, but it has the same feel.
    Recordings: Metal · 3983 Hits · Posted on 6/3/2000 by Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304)

  2. Lateralus by Tool (5.0 Stars · 6 Reviews)
    Excellent ethereal alterna-metal, the best record of the year by far.
    Recordings: Metal · 1021 Hits · Posted on 7/31/2001 by Inactive Member

  3. Reign In Blood by Slayer (5.0 Stars · 5 Reviews)
    Super speed metal!
    Recordings: Metal · 952 Hits · Posted on 1/23/2001 by Jason Levandofsky (506)
  4. Stronger Than Death by Black Label Society (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    This is the best cd of 2000 next to Pantera's "Reinventing The Steel"!!!! Zakk Wylde gets as heavy as you can on this one. If you liked the brutaliness of "Sonic Brew", Zakk takes it a step further on Stronger Than Death.
    Recordings: Metal · 1495 Hits · Posted on 7/7/2000 by Shawn Trueblood (8)
  5. Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    A truly classic CD!
    Recordings: Metal · 1666 Hits · Posted on 1/14/2004 by Liam Mooney (103)
  6. The Divine Wings of Tragedy by Symphony X (5.0 Stars · 4 Reviews)
    A Progressive-neoclassic-metal band with great technical ability creates the better release of 1997. Power, melody and beautiful arrangements. You must hear them, a great guitarrist is in there.
    Recordings: Metal · 936 Hits · Posted on 12/15/1999 by Victor Garcia (275)
  7. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    One of the most influential metal albums.
    Recordings: Metal · 1230 Hits · Posted on 1/26/2001 by Jason Levandofsky (506)
  8. Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    The right mixture of punk and goth makes for a hellatious listening experience....for anybody with taste that is.
    Recordings: Metal · 792 Hits · Posted on 3/3/2000 by Steven P'Pool (231)
  9. Burnt Offerings by Iced Earth (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    This is a great album from a REAL metal band. I can't bring myself to compare this band to any other. They are completely different from anything else out there.
    Recordings: Metal · 854 Hits · Posted on 7/7/2000 by Aaron Pellerin (78)

  10. Damnation by Opeth (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Dark/ambient style album. Soothing vocals, beautiful lush melodies, and wonderful melodic solos. (although, there are very few)
    Recordings: Metal · 1548 Hits · Posted on 5/7/2003 by Chris Pinto (24466)

  11. Follow The Reaper by Children Of Bodom (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    This Cd has the most technical guitar and keyboard playing that i could ever even imagine. This cd amazed me. And it still does.
    Recordings: Metal · 1920 Hits · Posted on 7/6/2001 by Bryan Morrison (9786)
  12. Resurrection by Halford (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    A must have for any Halford/Judas Priest/Fight fans. This is a damn fine heavy metal album. Rob Halford still has the power he has always had. There is noone in rock/heavy metal that can scream like he does. Great licks, leads, and lyrics.
    Recordings: Metal · 679 Hits · Posted on 8/9/2000 by Vernon Horne (1134)

  13. System Of A Down: Toxicity (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Released sept. 4th and I love it. The awsome just got better.
    Recordings: Metal · 1006 Hits · Posted on 9/5/2001 by Justin Watts (169)

  14. The System Has Failed by Megadeth (5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    New Megadeth CD is great, a must have for any fan of Megadeth. Dave Mustaine is even better this time around, hard to believe but true! Instant Megadeth classic.
    Recordings: Metal · 962 Hits · Posted on 9/27/2004 by Chris Hargreaves (217)
  15. Abigail by King Diamond (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    A horror story told with great metal songs, very beautiful solos and harmonies.
    Recordings: Metal · 840 Hits · Posted on 3/14/2002 by Leonardo Machado (836)
  16. Awake by Dream Theater (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    This is an epic recording by Dream Theatre, with a wide variety of rhythms, themes, time signatures, and solo endeavors by Petrucci and Portnoy. It is steeped in difficult sweep and alternate picking techiques while maintaining a soothing sound.
    Recordings: Metal · 1336 Hits · Posted on 3/5/2001 by Justin Dwight (809)
  17. Blackwater Park by Opeth (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    This is the masterpiece by the prog/black/death metal band, Opeth.
    Recordings: Metal · 674 Hits · Posted on 5/17/2003 by Robert Goodwin (531)
  18. Colony by In Flames (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Killer melodic death metal, a immpulsive buy for sure, you will not regret.
    Recordings: Metal · 650 Hits · Posted on 5/27/2003 by Robert Goodwin (531)
  19. Disconnected by Fates Warning (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Progressive Metal from one of the best. This CD rocks from beginning to end. The musicianship and song writing are awsome.
    Recordings: Metal · 943 Hits · Posted on 10/17/2000 by Larry Magri (3259)

  20. Elements Pt.1 by Stratovarius (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    A phenomenal album from the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. There are nine songs on this album, all of which are amazing. All the songs are written by the bands guitarist Timo Tolkki.
    Recordings: Metal · 535 Hits · Posted on 1/7/2004 by Matthew Laham (4396)