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  1. The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine (5.0 Stars · 6 Reviews)
    Comprehensive treatment of jazz theory
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1231 Hits · Posted on 11/28/1999 by John Rice (551)
  2. Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick (5.0 Stars · 5 Reviews)
    This is a book about learning the guitar backwards and forwards.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 6282 Hits · Posted on 12/18/2000 by Tim Floto (6151)
  3. Reasoning behind the guitar's unique Tuning PLUS chords, scales and Arpeggios.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1221 Hits · Posted on 10/31/2002 by Inactive Member
  4. Beginning Jazz Guitar by Jody Fisher (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    The book covers, 1 chords & harmony 2 improvising 3 constucting larger chords
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3260 Hits · Posted on 1/7/2002 by LORNA MOONE (255)
  5. FastTrack Guitar 1 by Blake Neely (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Bare bone basics learning each string one lesson at a time. It advances you at a nice pace and the writing is light and humorous. Great for absolute beginners.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 865 Hits · Posted on 2/13/2004 by Tory Stiltner (206)
  6. Improvising Jazz Guitar by Joe Bell (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    Step by step approach to jass improvising, melody and harmony
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1005 Hits · Posted on 11/1/2001 by Ian Loft (3442)
  7. The Essentials of Music (5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews)
    This site is like having a music textbook online. The variety of information and audio clips offer students of all ages a wonderful resource. Grade Levels:Middle School to Adult/Professional Application type: Music Resource, Reference/Tool
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1385 Hits · Posted on 2/26/2000 by Drew Engman (85)

  8. This is a book filled with tons of scales and modes and some basic information on how they work. There is also some information on chords and how they're related to scales.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1470 Hits · Posted on 7/15/2001 by Andy McLeod (978)

  9. "Guitar Lore" by Dennis Sandole (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    "Guitar Lore" by the late master Dennis Sandole is mandatory study for the serious guitarist or really any serious musician. He not only covers various guitar techniques, but theory, harmonization, and scales that are found no where else.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3929 Hits · Posted on 8/29/2003 by John Trallo (30)
  10. Beyond Bedroom Guitar by Spencer Westwood (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Ebook about learning how to use NLP, hypnosis and other mental techniques to improve your guitar playing.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 2817 Hits · Posted on 2/2/2003 by Spencer Westwood (14)

  11. Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    This book deals primarily with chords and their application. The first half of the book deals mainly with musical theory which is then applied to chord progressions later in the book.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3554 Hits · Posted on 5/2/2002 by Stephen Lindsay (442)
  12. Each chapter provides a comprehensive self-contained lesson on one of twenty-one popular chord progressions that every songwriter should know inside and out.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3940 Hits · Posted on 3/3/2003 by Rich Scott (693)
  13. The chord substitution bible for jazz guitarists.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3357 Hits · Posted on 11/7/1999 by Inactive Member
  14. This book presents composing in a series of "hands-on" excercises that take you from baby steps to some pretty deep stuff.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3071 Hits · Posted on 3/23/2001 by Doug McMullen (6014)
  15. Decoding The Circle Of Vths by Ariel Ramos (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Analysis, Structures and Subsets Agraphical approach in the study of relationships between structuresover the circle of fifths.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 309 Hits · Posted on 4/15/2010 by Ariel Ramos (61)

  16. This book presents music theory for all musicians and singers. Discusses scales, Chord Theory, Modes, Substitution, Progressions, Circle of 5ths/4ths, Ear training.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 3356 Hits · Posted on 6/26/2002 by Chris Wilson (731)

  17. This book will show you lots of chords, notes and cool beginning techniques such as barre chords, slides, hammer-ons and pull offs.Also how to play riffs. It has Rock, blues and other styles.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1475 Hits · Posted on 5/23/2002 by Amanda Swearngin (60)

  18. Fingerpicking Guitar (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    An excellent book for learning how to do fingerpicking.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 1648 Hits · Posted on 8/8/2001 by John Myers (8868)
  19. An in depth guide for guitar teachers and students. There are over 200 pages of advice on how to begin and maintain a private teaching business, build a bond with students and solve musical challenges by changing the way you look at them.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 224 Hits · Posted on 8/23/2011 by Mike Murphy (30)

  20. Guitar Fitness by Josquin Des Pres (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Finger exercises to help with speed, finger movement, and dexterity. 80 pages.
    Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals · 2096 Hits · Posted on 3/13/2000 by Mike Welder (295)