Bogner Fish Preamp


Made by Bogner

Description Produced in limited quantities (200 units) in 1990, Reinhold Bogner assembled these spectacular preamps in his garage by hand. Utilizing (8) 12AX7 preamp tubes, the Fish remains a stalwart of tone for the professional connoisseur of racks.
Posted By Theresa Dobbs (3289)
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On 1/4/2006, Theresa Dobbs (3289) posted:
Overall Rating:
Model Year: 1990
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Private Sale
Four Channel Preamp- (1) Clean "Country Channel" (2) Overdrive "Brown Channel" (3) Distortion "Strato Channel" (4) What was he thinking?! "Shark Channel". Channel switching is achieved by 2 tip-to-ground switches on the rear of the unit. There are no effects loops. There are 2 outputs with controls on the rear panel and are Mono. (8) 12AX7 preamp tubes are used for the various preamp stages. V1: 1st stage for Clean channel, 12ax7 V2: 1st stage for Strato channel, 12ax7 V3: 1st and 2nd stage for Brown channel, 12ax7 V4: 2nd stage Strato, 3rd Stage Brown, 12ax7 V5: 3rd stage Strato, 4th Stage Brown, 12ax7 V6: 1st and 2nd stage Shark channel, 12ax7 V7: 3rd and 4th stage Shark, 12ax7 V8: Output, 12ax7
Sound Quality:
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Ease of Use:
Each of the 4 channels have independent tone controls except the "Strato" and the "Brown" channels, which share tone controls but have independent gain controls. Nomenclature is interesting and original. Gain on the "Shark" channel is referred to as "Balls" and the "Country" channel has a voicing switch that is labelled "Funk" and "Jazz". The preamp is extremely easy to manipulate and very hard to get a bad tone out of any of the channels. The 12AX7's play a crucial role in how the preamp behaves. Although Bogner used Ruby brand tubes experimenting is always recommended for personal tastes.
The aluminium faceplate has a tendency to bend and distort if the rack is subjected to shock or impact. The chassis is steel constructed and powder coated. The internal construction is extremely meticulous. Wiring is kept short and dressed, all switches, LEDs and pots are soldered to the printed circuit board as is the (8) 12AX7's. The glass printed circuit boards are quality thickness and workmanship is what Bogner has become to be known for. The parts used are of very high quality and there is attention to detail throughout.