Fender Hank Marvin Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Exact copy of the first strat imported into Englanf by hank marvin the the 1950's. Fiesta red colour maple neck and fretboard
Posted By Ciaran Parker (76)
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On 7/2/2012, Ciaran Parker (76) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good value. I got it in a sale because of the colour Fiesta red looks pink! but I actually love the colour because of the excellent finish. This is a expensively finished guitar, it has all the spec's of a vintage strat. Fender customer service stinks though, I have tried to get information about the pickups ETC to no avail. It is hard to get official fender dealers in Ireland.
This guitar was made in Mexico. The body is Alder with a Maple neck and fretboard. 21 vintage frets . The bridge is also vintage style and the pickups are staggered like the origional 50's strat. The tuners are the vintage Kluson type (manufactured by Fender)
This guitar is very easy to play. The sounds range that you can get is staggering, the neck is so fast one can fly up and down with ease, (It is a soft V). The clean sound is absolutely beautiful and the driven (gain) sound is pure perfection fron the bridge pick up to the the middle one etc ( you can get that Hendrix sweet overdrive). There is one volume control and two tone control one for the neck pick up amd one for the middle pickup. If you use high gain and turn down the tone you can get this sweet woman sound overdriven sound. I used to play a Yamaha SF 600 which had a set neck and bot single coil and humbucking pickups but compared to this guitar it was a lump of wood. I know people think Fenders are overpriced and one only buys them for the name but in this case they deserve the kudos.
Sound Quality:
At present I am only using a marshall 15 watt practice amp and this guitar sounds beautiful through it so versatitile. I have since this review (I'm wirinf in 2012 usinf a peavey Windsor studio valave amp). I also tried it through a twin reverb fender amp yet again beautiful.This guitar could be used for simple struming folk or rock and if you had the overdrive event metal. The pickups do hum very slightly. This is acceptable because they are single coil. If I wanted noiseless I would get a set of Kinmans or Vintage noiseless. However I do not intend to change the pickups because they are prerfect.
Very realiable so far I three years now. But be careful of the machine heads they jutt out more than the average and could get damaged easily.I had to replace the machinheads because I bent one.I got a fender part but they were Japaneese. So thumbs down to Fender, They should have parts for their mexican products too. In the end the head-stock had to be drilled slightly becasue they were too big. Furthermore, Since I wrote this I had to bring the guitar back to the shop to have the neck (truss rod) and bridge adjusted because the lower E-string was chocking when I pitched bended it. The technician at the shop took the neck off and highered the action a bit with the result that the guitar plays better than before. Pity I had to go through any of that hassel. However, maybe this is usuall and the neck can shift a bit??? Having re-edited this piece a year ago I can tell you that I have had no problem with this strat and will never sell it. If it was stolen tomorrow I would replace it with another but unfortunately they don't make these anymore.