Redoctane Guitar Hero


Version PS2
Platforms Playstation 2
Description This is a Guitar based game for the Playstation 2 system. You step in for the guitar greats using a plastic guitar shaped control and Rock to classic to modern hits.
Posted By David Schenk (383)
Directory Software: Entertainment
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Overall Rating: 4.3 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 7/26/2010, Ken Richardson (9051) posted:
Overall Rating:
Its a lot of fun. I dont think I will get it, but its fun to play when you get to visit someone who has it.

This one or RockBand has drums, and you have to do enough with both hands and feet that it would help you learn some coordination that would benefit a drummer.

Best thing is that these games are generating some interest in the kids in music!!!!!!!!
Where Obtained: tried at friends house
On 1/7/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
Ya know, I was really down about this whole concept at first, but I've found it to have some benefits. One, it is turning a lot of kids on to real guitars. My student base has increased because of it. Music in schools needs a boost, and this is getting kids interested. Two, it's actually pretty exhausting, especially if you play standing up. Three, it features a lot of music kids wouldn't hear otherwise. Maybe it's not so evil after all.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Saw it at a friend's house
On 12/11/2005, David Schenk (383) posted:
Overall Rating:
The system included a plastic 3/4 scale "guitar" which has 5 buttons at the lefthand fret locations and a button for the right hand to strum/pluck. There also is a whammy bar in the normal postion. These controls are used to hit notes that scroll down a inclined plane. If you have seen the dancing games at the mall ect this is the same idea. When the notes hit a certain point you attempt to play it (fret and strum). The software throws single note runs and chord(two buttons)at you depending on the songs need. If you miss the note the guitar part you are playing does not sound which leave a big whole in the total sound. There is a tiny time window that you must play the note in...if you miss it trying to play it slightly later will not sound the note. Of course what you are freting is not the real note that you would play on a real guitar. They did try to give it the feeling of really playing. So Smoke On The Water has agpegios(sp) and chords in the right places. You feel like you are doing something but if you know how the song really is played it does feel a bit funny doing something else. The holiday issue of Guitar World, i beleive, had a short review. This will not help you guitar playing... except for timing issues. The sound quality of the game is very good. The original recording was not used but the sound is very good. It is fun to have the volume up. The harder skill levels are very difficult. You need to play concerts to open up new songs as only a few songs are available right away. If you screw up the song you do not advance, the croud riots and you do not get paid. As you advance by completing successfully 4 of 5 songs in a set you get more songs and play to a large croud. You can spend you hard-earned money on new guitars (only Gibson), new paint jobs, unlocking songs or getting new guitar player characters. So far I could careless about these as the game play is not effected by anything but your fingers and the skill level setting. Actually when you are playing a song, a least the first many times, you are concentrating so hard on the notes that you can not watch the croud or your character jump around. Most of the on-screen animation is for anyone watching you. Oh man, I have not tried this but there is a two player game! The game is rated teen. So far no groupies have come my way....
Price: $79.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Toys R US