Modulus Alembic Blacknife V

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Modulus Alembic

Description Brass nut and bridge single coil p/u's (bartolini) koa wood and walnut schaller tuners vibrato bar graphite neck;ebony fretboard
Posted By Bob Blues (62)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/24/2007, Bob Blues (62) posted:
Overall Rating:
Paul reed smith is a good guitar for comparison and I'm glad I have this guitar since 1987. This is a unique guitar I beleive it was originally set up with a synth pick-up or computer pick up after the neck ends and the first coil p/u starts.It has a five prong jack for input(old school size) and a standard guitar jack as well.Every aspect of this guitar I can think of I like.i.e. sustain, bite,dynamic timbre, ebony fretboard, graphite neck, sound, feel; all very satisfying.A very heavy guitar (weight)
Price: $900.00
Where Obtained: california luthier
5 way lead switch two tone controls and 1 volume.Three single coil Bartolinni p/u's.Single adjustment through body string style ,vibrato bar(older 3 spring )Old schaller tuners are better than the new ones I recently put in.Easily perfected if I use a talented guitar tech person to do it. two input jacks;standard and a board or synth jack. A medium walnut color with lamanated wood grains.Double cutaway.
Very good actionnow, but I could get it very nice if I had all the correct tools.I may get a pro. superb neck It feels better to finger than many other guitar I checked although mostly those without setup.Excellent fingering feel across and up the neck.
Sound Quality:
Peavey transtube 212 all styles of music sound good on this alembic slight ,slight buzz on ground; on some settings.May need fret filing soon...maybe this month Mar. 2007 Some coil buzz when close to amp. Can be a very bright sound or dark with tone settings. Using line 6 pod it kiccks arse. Probably a better stage instrument.
Goes flat when cold and sharp when hot I intonate every time I change strings. I only use LaBella Hard rokkin steel (009) Excellent in live sits. I play often and change strings every two weeks or so. I need to check the brass nut depth and file when I go to 010 very soon.