Crate RFX 120 Combo

120W Combo

Made by Crate

Description An amp that looks very retro yet has all the modern effect modeling all put together.
Posted By Martin Priller (574)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 3/31/2006, Martin Priller (574) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a special order amp that I have only seen at guitar center and also in musciansfriend's catalog.If you are looking for something that has a retro look and are into effects in the amp and really sounds great then this might be something to check out.This sounded good with a gibson les paul and a fender strat and with just about any other guitar really.But I'm very happy with this amp.
Model Year: 2005
Price: $459.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
It has 3 channels clean,rhthym(slightly overdriven)and lead (distorted) also has 15 effects to dial in a headphone jack and dual RCA inputs and comes with a foot switch to change from one channel to another.Very retro looking which is what caught my eye at 1st.
Sound Quality:
Great for all types of music.I don't use the distortion channel but use the rhthym channel combined with my boss blues driver to get the amount of crunch I need. it has a great clean sound even turned up and the rhthym channel also sounds great turned up as well.In other words this baby loves to be loud!
Ease of Use:
The manual explains all the different effects on the amp with suggestions to come up with some cool settings with the effects.And you can store your own settings as well by holding the tap button has about 15 different effects and about 15 types of delay as well.
Great for taking out,also comes with wheels which helps alot if you have back issues(amp weighs about 50lbs.)Crate are usually durable so this one should work well under pressure.