Archer Unknown

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Archer

Description Beautiful Quilt Maple top on either a basswood/mohagony body (not sure)
Posted By Greg Jones (1630)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 12/3/2005, Greg Jones (1630) posted:
Overall Rating:
I LOVE IT!!! I will NEVER get rid of this BABY! It looked better than most of the guitars costing more than a grand! It played, and plays better than my friends Gibson, and even as well as his Custom Jackson Soloist!!! If anybody can find one like this, buy it! It may show fingerprints more than most finishes, but it's easy to wipe them off with a microfiber or similar cloth.

I only wish I knew the model name, I would buy another!
Price: $160.00
Where Obtained: Daddys Junky Music
Strat-like body with HSH config, Gold hardware, Single volume, Single tone, Liscensed Floyd/Schaller double locking trem, Locking nut, Sealed tuners, Six string, Quilt maple top/back, 24 frets, Pearl Shark-tooth inlays, Rock maple neck, Rosewood fretboard. I have no Idea of the origin or manufactur.
It already came low! if I'd say, even lower than my RG ever was, and it never buzzes, there aren't any dead spots either!!! Best guitar I've ever owned, or played (4th owned, I've played more than a dozen, even Gibsons)
Sound Quality:
I play through a Dean Markley DMC-80, and it sounds as BEAUTIFUL as it looks, or, with the amp cranked, you woudn't believe such a MEAN sound from such a NICE guitar! I'm planning on ditching the current mounting rings for the pickups, and getting gold ones, if I can find ones I like, I'll even get gold pickup covers! The only noise I ever get from the rig is from the cheap cables I use, but plan on getting better ones when I get the money.
I've only had it for near a month, but I haven't had to retune it, adjust anything etc. I'm planning on actually getting a set of Straplocks to replace the current strap buttons, but they work fine for now.