Keeley Mods MT2 Twilight Mod

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Keeley Mods

Description Mod of the popular Boss MT2 . Apart from looks the comparison stops there though
Posted By Matt Wood (2844)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 11/30/2005, Matt Wood (2844) posted:
Overall Rating:
I really dislike boss distortion pedals . If you are reading boss(which I'm sure your not cause you dont care) This is how your pedals should sound. Keeley has taken your peice of crap metal pedal and made it sound like a METAL pedal . Whatever he's doing why the hell arnt you doing it? It was pricy no doubt about it . But I'd rather pay $300 for quality than $150-200 for mediocre . If you want brutal ,chugging madness then definataly go try one.
Price: $295.00 aust (new)
Where Obtained: Fuzzology
Keeley mod of the boss MT2. Has all the controls of the standard,level,EQ and gain plus a toggle switch for 3 different modes . oh and a blue led
Sound Quality:
Heavy,heavy heavy. thats the best description . I have messed with the standard one in shops before and was never impressed . I've been looking for a heavy distortion for a while .tried the digitech ,boss and all the other common ones and was never inspired to buy . Read up on these and deicided to go try one . It blew me away and that was through a solid state amp at a reasonably quiet shop level . Took it to the rehersal studio that night and at level through the clean channel of my tube amp its just brutal. The rythym sounds are the strongest . It can get good usuable lead sounds but I think its better suited to rythym . Its really quiet considering the mayhem when you hit your strings . I'd say its got too much gain . I have it on half and thats tons . Check keeley website for more information . I will just say its sounds great
Ease of Use:
Its a distortion . You turn the knobs till it sounds good .
Boss's good point is their realibility . And keeley seems very commited to his products