by Eric Johnson

(2005) Favoured Nations

Description This is Eric Johnson's most recent album, and his first since Venus Isle in 1996. It is divided into three parts, Prelude, Courant, and Allemande, each with their own distinct musical style.
Posted By Adrian Levi (2907)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 11/25/2005, Adrian Levi (2907) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is Eric Johnson's fourth studio album and his first since Venus Isle in 1996 and it is very good, probably my favourite. As I said earlier it is divided into three sections each with a different "vibe and style". Prelude, the first section is in a rocking vein and is really what I think an Eric Johnson record should be: mainly instrumentals with crazy playing and great tone. Allemand, the last section, is in a jazzy vein. Courante, the middle section is basically just everything else thrown together. There's pop, middle eastern, and country. The guitar playing on this record is great. It is a little more subdued than his earlier stuff and a little more melodic but it is still jaw dropping. As usual he has aboslutely amazing tone. He also shows that he can play amazing jazz, on top of the shred which he is known for.

Now, as amazing as this album is there are some weaknesses. For one thing, I don't really like his singing. It's not that his voice is particularly unpleasant, it's just really thin and quite boring compared to his sensational guitar playing. The other problem is his habit of having a couple corny pop songs on each record which showcase his singing and have very little in the way of guitar playing. The problem on this record is that the worst songs are also the longest.

That said this is still an excellent record and definitely worth picking up, really no matter what music you play.