JetSlide Brass Non-sleeve Slide

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Description A non-sleeve guitar slide that fits on your ring finger. Quick changes between slide playing and 4 finger freting is possible. Whole note: Please place in a different catagory if This does not belong in Effects.
Posted By David Schenk (383)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 11/19/2005, David Schenk (383) posted:
Overall Rating:
A fun addition to your set of sound tools.
Model Year: 2005
Price: $24.95 (new)
Where Obtained: Gary Romero
This is a unique guitar slide. Unlike typical tube slides this one can be ready (on your ring finger) and put into use only when you want it. It is very difficult to remove a tube slide and keep playing. This seems a better product than the other similar item I saw, a half tube that fits on the ring finger but turns with pressure from the fret hand thumb. That one you must take you fretting hand off the neck to turn the slide. Jetslide can really be done quickly. Brass or steel are available for the part that touches the strings and leftly is available. A wide range of ring sizes are available as Gary effectively custom manufactures these. I would strongly suggest calling him directly ( to get a proper fit. I did and I am very glad for this. An online ring sizer program (wrap a string around the finger and measure) overestimated my size. If I would have ordered one on MF I would have had a huge and useless slide. Small is better.
Sound Quality:
Sounds like a slide. Experienced players might be able to hear a difference in a tube and a solid piece of brass...not me.
Ease of Use:
Easy to use after a min or two of practice. Long term use will however wear on your fingers. I put a bit of padding on the ringband for comfort. It you wear a wedding ring likely you will have to take it off(assorted jokes). As the slide is on the ring finger you can only fret two notes behind the slide. Also as the weight is on the ring finger when the slide is out of the way it's weight still slows down your ring fingers movement. Compared to a tube on the pinky,it seems easier to accurately position the slide as the brass slide portion is held between the ring and pinky.
Silver solder connects the pieces. Pretty tough.