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Description Jazz Improv is a useful and well executed magazine devoted to jazz in general and each issue includes a CD or two.
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On 7/19/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
JI's "mission statement" states that it "is dedicated to support the growth and perpetuation of America's Original Classic Art Form -- Jazz." The magazine delivers in a spectacular way. Overall, I consider JI to be the best jazz magazine currently being published. Each issue combines book excerpts, interviews, a dozen or more articles dealing with all aspects of music theory and performance, exercises, transcribed solos and songs, music analysis, and record and book reviews. To top it all off, JI throws in a couple of CDs of great music and even a couple of "play-alongs." While subscriptions are $39 for 4 issues, making it significantly more expensive than Guitar Player et al, the extra price is worth it from my perspective. JI has its share of advertising but significantly less than you might expect (unlike GP with its 70% advertising content per issue). Moreover, there is enough material in each issue to keep most people busy for a long time. Keep in mind that JI is not guitar specific and guitarists hooked on tabs will find none -- only standard notation. For some people these two facts will be seen as drawbacks but, from my view, they are welcomed. We would all do ourselves a world of good by studying the improvisational approaches of horn players and everybody should work on their reading skills.