Regal RC-2

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Regal

Description Steel bodied single cone resonator. Strong, loud typical resonator tone.Body joins at 14th fret.
Posted By Andrew Kinsella (3220)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 11/11/2005, Andrew Kinsella (3220) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've looked at a good range of resonators over the last 6 months- national/dobro/fender (not impressed at all), and Johnson ( a very disappointing tone). I had almost resigned myself to spending big bucks but am pleaded to say this little beauty fits the bill very nicely. I did see a very nice wood bodied single cone by SX for $500 AUS- but I preferred the tone of the Regal.
Price: $895.00 AUS (new)
Where Obtained: The Acoustic Centre Sth Melbourne
Steel bodied Single cone resonator , 14 frets to the body, round neck, Solid steel body- not engraved Chrome?nickel plate finish No pickups. The make of the tuners is unidentified. THis guitar is a thing of beauty.
The guitar is set up for playing bottleneck slide, with heavy strings and a high action. Having said that I don't find it hard to play, though it needs to be played quite differently to a standard acoustic to get the best sound. It weighs a ton- so is best played seated.
Sound Quality:
The sound is a typical bright,loud single cone sound. Its growl when playing a full 6 string chord with the slide is irresistable. Obviously it doesn't sound quite as good as a how ever many thousand dollar National single cone- but this is still a really good sound.