Doghouse NYC

Description Nathan Rosenberg's Digital 16 track recording room on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Great project room from pre-production + arrangements through mastering.
Posted By Sean Kelly (1525)
Directory Writing/Recording: Recording Studios
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Member Reviews

On 7/12/2002, Dude Absher (4646) posted:
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I have done some recrding in my time and this looks like a good place,I myself wouldnt mind recording there myself
On 7/18/1999, Christopher Sung (9641) posted:
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Wow!!! I thought Nathan was JUST a burnin' pianist (which is hard enough as it is), but he's also an incredible vocal talent. Check out the Real Audio examples of his jazz performances on this site.
On 7/18/1999, Sean Kelly (1525) posted:
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Nathan is also a top jazz pianist and session player in NYC who can play any style and produce you demos. Check out his site to get contact info and availability.