Real Illusions: Reflections

by Steve Vai

Description Although it is a bit different from Vai's earlier stuff, it is definetly great for any veteran Vai listener. He uses a spectrum of effects and crosses from whole orchestras to just him and a didjeridu. From crushing rythm to tender solos. Fantastic.
Posted By Spencer Bonnevie (119)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 11/9/2005, Spencer Bonnevie (119) posted:
Overall Rating:
It is a different from his earlier stuff but it is still spectacular. It is a little more metal than the rest. Throughout the album it is "constant, accurate, and intense" and keeps the listener on edge. It has heavy saddening songs to the comical "Yai, Yai." It is a great album if you want some variety in your listening but can seem a little inconsistent. And of course, the guitar playing is incredible. It is hard to compare him to anyone else with the style of music he plays on this album. BUY THIS ALBUM.