Fury F-22

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fury

Description Original Vinage 1965 Fury f-22, re-done cherry red paint job, original spec(pickups, bridge, nut, coils .etc)comes with hard rectangle case, red fur lining
Posted By Tim Kessler (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 11/6/2005, Tim Kessler (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Id chose a strat over this but am happy with what i have, id do my best to find one like it if lost or stolen, better with new pickups, great for blues is the best thing about it, had great reviews from techs in various guitar shops
Model Year: 1965
Price: $200.00 Canada
Where Obtained: Family Friend
Made in Saskatchewan, mahogany, semi round small frets, 2" 5/8 nut volume, tone and 4 switch setting plus one "off" setting 2 pickups, unsure of conf., active electronics, original pickups, unsure of brand, red-cherry, unsure of body type, string thru bridge style, locking tuners, this guitar has been reviewed in Guitarworks, Clagary , Alberta, tyech there said its reare and plays like new, a great collectors piece
Preffered action obtained, unsure of how to rate what i like, it works for fast or slow blues, and other genres aswell the nech is great for my preference, it plays average comparedto most good guitars(strats, les pauls, not up there with jacksons though), it has an un known buzz in the G string, new strings make no difference, the buzz isnt noticed when plugged in, but can be hardto tune by ear
Sound Quality:
I use the Fender G-Dec as an amp, is has some feedback when plugged in, due to the age and use of the electronics in the guitar, the guitar has a blues background and still is used for it, mostly clapton and my own work, it suits well with rock, heavy, and jazz, the sound is fairly warm but it is very crisp for higher octave blues, sound is high average for countless guitars i have played, im considering new pick ups and switching to size 10 strings for all playing, it can be loud or quiet, noticeably better on stage and through headphones
The truss rod has never needed tweaking for the legnth of a year i have owned it, tuning is steady, climate changes make a difference but only one i notice