Fender 1988 Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description 88 MIJ "blackie" maple neck and all th other fender features.
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
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Member Reviews

On 10/24/2005, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
If this guitar was stolen or lost i would try try try to get another one. i would also hang the person who stole it....lol. these japanese made fenders are the best in my book. i also have an epipnoe coronet made in japan model and i cannot fault the quality and craftsmanship in these guitars.
Model Year: 1988
Where Obtained: Grouse Guitars australia
I swapped a guitar for this Japanese made Stra. and it was the best decision i have made in a long time. the quality of build is just first class
This baby never goes out of tune. it has a real low action and has a C shaped neck but is thinner than some MIA models i have treid.
Sound Quality:
For some reason this guitar never sounds "muddy" i can get that full warm strat sound as well as the twangy tele sound. i use it for gigs and it has never let me down
When i got it i took into my guitar tech for adjustment. he threw it back at me and said just play it there is nothing wrong with it its as perfect as you can get.