Rotosound Rotosound 10-46

Made by Rotosound

Description These are a new string to australia and have a very soft feel. having used slinkys for a long time i find these strings have a similar look
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
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On 9/30/2005, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have used just about every string on the market and i can tell you that these will be my strings from now on. they feel difrent and softer than most strings. they are very long so there is a load to cut off. but hey they were a sample and i think i will be buying more.
Where Obtained: better music
These 10-46 strings are nickel wound with a taper end . they are also very very long.
Sound Quality:
The tone from these strings is much like the slinkys but not as harsh. i play blues and covers and they are just awesome for tone.
Had them on two dyas played a 3 hour gig with them and they didnt need any tuning. in fact they are still in tune the day after the gig.