Yamaha P2700

Made by Yamaha

Description I got it used and it's over 15 years old but it won't break.
Posted By Julian Baptista (181)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 9/29/2005, Julian Baptista (181) posted:
Overall Rating:
Really the only thing i would improve is the outputs, make them either speakon or 1/4" and it would be a dream, maybe a little lighter too (it's over 50 pounds). Also if you want to see the owner's manual for it here's the link: http://www2.yamaha.co.jp/manual/pdf/pa/english/amp/P2700E.pdf
Price: $125.00
Where Obtained: Private party
I got it used but man is this thing powerful, it's an excellent power amp for any PA system. it has 1000 watts of power at 4 OHMs bridged (500 watts per side at 4 OHMs) so unless you're a club owner with a massive set-up with a ton of different speakers you're all set. The only real problem is that it has banana-clip outputs so the speaker cable is more expensive.
Sound Quality:
I haven't really gotten to crank it up to full yet (I live in a populated area) but every volume I've turned it to has sounded great.
Ease of Use:
Just plug it in and turn it on, not confusing at all.
Well just to put it in perspective this power amp is more than 15 years old and has nothing more than a few scratches on the casing. It has double fans so it can go for hours at full volume without heating up, and its casing is solid steel (very thick steel at that).