Washburn D10sce

Acoustic Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description Electic acoustic cutaway solid top equis pre amp sounds good to me looks and feels good low action nice set up out off the box
Posted By Daniel Mcmillan (10)
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On 9/26/2005, Daniel Mcmillan (10) posted:
Overall Rating:
Looked at mid priced Takamines and yamahas my freind has a yamaha twice the price but the washburn sounds better i would buy this guitar again and think it was a good deal.bad points not many it could use another strap button as there is only one one on the bottom but at least the the one there is is not where the amp plugs in. i honestly cant find anything i dont like about this guitar but then ive only had a few and they were mostly old beat up cheapys.
Model Year: 2002
Where Obtained: high street shop
Made in china EQ-7545R pre-amp with a volume and 4 sliders. The neck and cut-away body are mahogany and the top is solid spruce. The tuners are Grover-type tuners. they seem ok holds it tuning.20 frets overall the guitar is good quality or at least it seems good to me ive had it a few months and im still pleased with it .one thing i had to do was change the strings asop as the ones that came with it were very poor quality i put a set of elixors on it and there was a big inprovment.
I have an old fender acoustic that i bought some years ago mainly because i didint have a clue what i was after and i thought it sounded good but i soon got fed up of it as it was so difficult to play so by comparison the washburn is like playing an electric and the fender like wrestling an aligator.when i pick up the wash i enjoy messin with it it sounds so much better and i play it each day.i beleive that if i had bought the washburn in the first place i would not have given up so its inportant for new players to get something they will enjoy playing rather than a stinker with a good name
Sound Quality:
Sounds good to me tryed loads in the shop this one compares to most in the same price range in looks and sounds better than most
Well so far so good seems solid enough to me although it is light. stays in tune very well seems sturdy to me.