Modern Method for Guitar, Vol. 1

by William Leavitt

(1986) Hal Leonard #0793525454

Description The book used by the guitar dept. at Berklee, and written by its late Chairman. Provides a firm foundation for both classical and jazz reading and technique. With CD.
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Member Reviews

On 1/16/2007, Peter Kiley (890) posted:
Overall Rating:
An excellent book. I use it with all of my older beginning students. Highly recommended!
Suitable for beginner guitarists
On 4/12/2001, Robert Silvia (1575) posted:
Overall Rating:
The Berkley method can be summed up in one phrase; teach by example. This is a must have for any serious guitarist, a valuable collection of scales, arpeggios, and songs arranged for the guitar. The Berkley method can do incredible things for your Sight-reading skills, left /right hand dexterity and your over all musically vocabulary. The book is not for beginners unless you have a teacher using this book with you, it does not cater to novices (no tab at all). Also I found a few errors with the fingerings.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists
On 10/1/1999, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
an excellent place to go after Mel Bay or Alfred 1. dry as the desert, though.
Suitable for beginner guitarists