Kustom KPC10

Made by Kustom

Description Excelent for starting a small PA system for a starting solo act, or small (not very loud) band.
Posted By Julian Baptista (181)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 9/23/2005, Julian Baptista (181) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well i first bought these as a starter PA system for my band, we now use them as moniters, but they work well for practices. the main reason i bought them is that they're very cheap and can take a fair amount of power. As to whether i'd buy again I'm actualy looking at buying a couple of the floor moniters so we can have a more full moniter system. I do suggest geting one of the larger speakers in this series if you need more power, as they can take alot more power, however these are good cabs if you're straped for cash and need a decent PA system
Price: $59.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
(this is primarily pasted from the musician's friend site) Specifications: * 75W RMS handling * 150W peak It has a ten inch speaker, and can take alot of abuse with it's solid wood casing and tolex covering.
Sound Quality:
Quite good especialy for it's price, not a whole lot of bass but otherwise good.
Ease of Use:
Very easy to use, they go on stands quite easily and are very light so you can take them anywhere. They also have 1/4 inch jacks so you can tie them into almost any rig.
They are very durable with, i think particle board casing and tolex covering, also has a heavy duty plastic covering in front of the speaker that can take a good punch without even a dent. Really the only problem are the plastic washers on the 1/4 inch jacks.