Agustin Barrios In Tablature Vol.1

by Rico Stover

Mel Bay #0-7866-1765-x

Description Great book for the barrios fan or just plain classical guitar fan,Has many of his great master peices and comes with a cd to let you hear them.
Posted By Julian Currie (1398)
Directory Books/Tab: Classical
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On 8/27/2005, Julian Currie (1398) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book is not only good for learning technique but also learning beautiful songs by barrios,It is in Standard notation and Tablature, But the only reason i lowered my rating to 4 from 5 is because the The tablature parts have a signifigant amount of Errors and misprints.So being able to read a little standard notation will help you in those parts. All in all it is a great book. includes a Cd and is very helpful.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists