Boss GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor W/COSM

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by Boss

Description Loaded with twin COSM modeling engines, it brings unprecedented performance and tonal control to the stage and studio.
Posted By Andrew Ells-O'Brien (563)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 8/27/2005, Andrew Ells-O'Brien (563) posted:
Overall Rating:
Dump your POD get a BOSS GT-8. The amazing this about this unit is that EVERY aspect of every parameter is programmable to be affected in a performance setting. It even can be programmed to change Amp's according to how hard to pick the strings on your gtr! WOW....WOW...WOW.
Model Year: 2005
Price: $445.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Daddy's Junky Music - Burlington, MA
  • 44 effects types including synth waves, sitar, and acoustic sounds
  • Up to 13 effects simultaneously
  • 200 preset patches
  • 140 user patches
  • Seamless program change
  • Fully programmable signal routing
  • Dual-engine COSM amp modeling
  • 46 amp models
  • 30 OD/DS models
  • Solo switch for each amp model
  • Layering/blending/panning of 2 amp models
  • Dynamic sensing mode for channel switching and control of effect parameters by varying pick attack
  • Effects loop
  • 15 knobs
  • Jog wheel
  • 26 finger buttons
  • 7 foot buttons
  • Expression pedal
  • Stereo analog outs
  • 24-bit coaxial digital out
  • Amp control jack
  • External expression pedal input
  • MIDI I/O
  • Headphone out
Sound Quality:
I play a variety of guitars with this amp including a LesPaul Studio and Fender Strat. Both gtrs sound great, and I could always with the virtual pickup effect to change the sound of the Strat to the LesPaul if I needed to. I plug the unit into a Fender Pro Junior amp for clarity of sound. If I need to be louder and not mic'd I go direct to the PA. I have owned the Line 6 Pod Pro 2 and this unit is more diverse and has many more effects. I sold my POD once I got this unit.
Ease of Use:
If you have used other Boss GT series effects before, you will jump right into this one. If not, you can read the book or hook it up to your computer with MIDI and this software GT8_Editor.exe to get ANY sound you want.
This floor unit is NOT plastic like Zoom or Digitech, it is Metal made for the road.