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Description Sierra E9 tuned pedal steel guitar. This is a single neck 10 string guitar that is great for beginners and pros alike.
Posted By Joe Stoebenau (209)
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On 8/21/2005, Joe Stoebenau (209) posted:
Overall Rating:
OK, I said a lot of nice things about this guitar, now here's the problem. Sierra went out of business a while back and they just got started up recently. I don't know if they are currently producing these guitars or not. I have seen them in music stores from time to time. Maybe an internet search would locate one. Also contact Sierra at their website. I have my Sierra guitar featured in my book "Teach Yourself to Play Pedal Steel Guitar" by Joe Stoebenau available at
Model Year: 2003
Price: $800.00 (new)
The Sierra Pedal Steel guitar company were true innovators. This guitar while being called a beginner guitar is packed with features found on more expensive models. The body is one piece of aluminum with end caps welded on. It is very strong and also very light as far as pedal steels go. It comes standard with a George Ls pickup, adjustable legs, and Grover tuners. The changer mechanism works smoothly and it comes in a roll along flight case.
Compared with other guitars in this price range I think the Sierra is a great buy. The pedal action is smooth and it stays in tune rather well as long as you remember to stretch the strings when you put them on! The pedals are adjustable and it comes standard with two knee levers but there is a kit to add two more. The only gripe I have with this guitar is that the pedal rods very occasionally pop off or jam when playing. This is because they simply hook into the pull rods and there is some slack.
Sound Quality:
The sound of the Sierra is as clear as any pedal steel. I have been playing it through a 1967 Fender Vibrolux reverb and it sounds great. Having a bigger speaker would help even more so maybe a Peavey Nashville is next.
The Sierra is very reliable and it is very easy to move around due to it's light weight and great wheel-ez case. The hardware is holding up well and it stays in tune, what more could you ask for.