Fender Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster Closet Classic

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Custom Shop re-issue of a 1951 Nocaster.
Posted By Bill North (12505)
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On 8/22/2005, Bill North (12505) posted:
Overall Rating:
Easily the best guitar I've ever owned.

This one was sitting in stock since 2001 withoout finding a home. I can't, for the life of me, understand why. I purchased it after receiving pictures as a reply to a request for info on any Nocaster Closet Classics. I guess that the relics and NOS versions were more popular.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $2300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Wildwood Guitars
Hand made in the Corona, Ca. Custom shop. The body is made from one single piece of very light weight swamp ash. It is finished in very thin nitro lacquer semi-transparent honey blonde coat that has cracked but has no wear. A single ply bakelite pickguard in black contrasts the finish. The neck is made of one piece of extremely high figured bird's eye maple with a walnut "skunk stripe". It is large and chunky, but fit's comfortably in my hand. The neck radius is 7-1/2" and it has vintage samll frets. The edges are rolled and smooth. The fretwork is flawless. Nocasters have a unusual control setup. There are three positions: The first two positions are like the '52 RI mode, Dark Neck and Neck. The third position that would normally be the bridge position blends the neck and bridge using the knob that is usually a tone control. The blend knob does absolutely nothing in the neck positions and there is no control on the guitar. This arrangement creates a very complex tone range in the blend position. The pickups are accurate reproductions in regards to materials and manufacturing methods. The coils are hand (not machine) wound, with correct magnets and pole pieces. The bridge is a heavy three piece milled brass type. Vintage type tuners round out the details.
I just love how the Nocaster feels and reacts to the way I play. It is spot on accurate on each and every fret. The workmanship is flawless. Playing it is a joy.
Sound Quality:
I run this straight into a Mesa Boogie Mk IV amp I can play anything from jazz to hard rock with this guitar. The tone is warm, yet lively and detailed. Every note rings like a bell. Notes can last for 45 to 60 seconds with a single picking without excessive gain pr any compression.
I will doubtless be leaving this guitar for my son and grandchildren. The originals are still out there and I expect that this one is no different. My wife sat on this guitar when it was out of the case and it didn't even go out of tune. I'll update this as time goes on.