Behringer Ultravoice VX2000

Made by Behringer

Description Single rack all in one vocalists swiss army knife toolkit for either stage or home studio use.
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Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 8/18/2005, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Previously, I had been using a lot of existing gear in order to work with my vocals:

The onboard effects from the following: * Roland VM3100 Digital Mixer * Boss BR-864 * Yamaha AW16G

I have also used external effects/outboard gear: * Presonus Tube Preamps * Zoom RFX-1000 Multi-effects * Digitech Vocalist Workstation

Adding this 1 piece has improved my recording of vocals exponentially.

Price: $75.00
Where Obtained: Local Music Store
The ULTRAVOICE has * Mic Pre-amps with phantom power * Expander * Tube Emulation * Compressor * 4 band EQ * De-Esser that fits in the realm of 1 rack space. Phenominal
Sound Quality:
I used this for the first time in my home studio last night. I was able to get the same type of tube sounds that I was getting from my Presonus Tube Pre and the Joe Meek Tube Pre's that I've used in the past. The fact that everything was in 1 rack space was great. I was even able to notch out some feedback that I was getting while holding the mic in my control room fiddling with the gear. Phenominal.
Ease of Use:
You don't really need the manual in order to learn how to use this. If you are familiar with using compressors, mic pre-amps, EQ... this is very easy to use. Phenominal
It sits firmly in my rack. I have never had any problem with Behringer gear. In my studio I have the following Behringer gear and have never had a problem with any of it: * Behringer BX600 Bass Amp * Behringer Truth Monitors * Behringer VX2000 Ultravoice * Behringer Bass V-Amp Phenominal