Gmez Crespo (Intrpretan A)

by Victor Villadangos & Sergio Moldavsky

(1997) Gito Records Intrenational

Description Original works of five foremost Argentinean composers from the 19th & 20th century with transcriptions for guitar. The majority of the tracks are dedicated to Crespo and performed by Victor Villadangos and Sergio Moldavsky.
Posted By Russell Watson (1799)
Directory Recordings: Classical
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On 8/16/2005, Russell Watson (1799) posted:
Overall Rating:
Victor Villadangos and Sergio Moldavsky share the album tracks in a seamless representation of works by Crespo, Gilardi, Aguirre, Buchardo and with one ending duet of music by Alberto Williams. These composers are among many from Argentina who have made an enormous contribution to the classical guitar repertoire. Messrs Villadangos & Moldavsky are a genuine authority of classical guitar music, which lends a flavour of deep authenticity to the works represented on this cd.