Guytronix Gilmore Jr.


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Description This is a 1/2 watt push pull design guitar amp kit with volume and tone. This amp is a blues monster. A 12ax7 and a 6N1p power tube do the job. At low volume it is warm and smooth. Cranked it has the creamiest distortion you'll ever hear.
Posted By Robert McGilpin (8)
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On 8/10/2005, Robert McGilpin (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I own many amps from vintage Gibsons, THD Univalve, Mesa Boogie Blues Angels and Fender. If this were stolen, I would definitely build another. I suppose it could have an effects loop but I don't like committing to effects when I record. I usually monitor the effect on through my console and reserve the final committment to the mix. My favorite aspect of this amp is the creamy distortion at low volume.
Price: $249.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
This is a simple 1/2 watt recording and practice amp. It comes as a kit and takes a novice about 6-10 hours to build. The features are limited to volume and tone but there are modification to the kit that can give it a wide variety of tone.
Sound Quality:
The tone is the real deal tube sound. This is an original design amp by Gary Gearheart using a 12ax7 pre amp and a 6N1p power tube. Since you build it yourself there are many modifications you can make. A V-mod for a more chimey Vox sound and a M-mod for that british Blues. Also available is a 2 watt adapter that pops into the power tube socket to give you a little more head room. At low levels the tone is warm and smooth. Cranked full out the distortion is creamy with plenty of bottom end. Don't let the 1/2 watt fool you. this amp is plenty loud for recording and can easily power a 4x12 cabinet. I have found it sounds best with 10" open back single or dual speakers as this focuses the bottom end. This amp easily competes with some of those VERY expensive boutique clones. Check out and hear some of the audio clips. That's what sold me. And the build will give you a great deal of knowledge about the inner workings of all tube amps. I've used it with my 61 Tele, 65 Strat and Gibson Les Paul. the amp is extremely quiet and brings out the quality of each guitar.
Ease of Use:
You can not get a bad sound out of this amp except maybe if you use a 4x12 closed back cabinet. This 1/2 watt beauty actually produces too much low end if you use a closed back cab. The V-mod would be a good choice if you want to use the 4x12. Otherwise it's put a mic in front of the speaker and start recording.
Since I built it myself and took great pride and care. This amp will probably outlast me.