Fender Princeton 65 DSP

65W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Fender

Description A solid-state combo amp by Fender that packs 65 Watts and built-in effects. It features 2 inputs, preamp-out, dirty and clean channels, among some of its features.
Posted By Kent Minagawa (387)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/8/2005, Kent Minagawa (387) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall this is an excellent amp for someone looking for a smaller amp to gig with or what have you. It's great for those looking for a close-to-tube sound from a solid state, and for those looking to play most types of rock music. I would probably buy another one if it were stolen (though it's heavy enough that most people wouldn't want to steal it... I recommend an equipment cart or some muscle). I recommend buying a standard clean/dirty channel switching pedal for live play and getting separate effects pedals. A great amp, nonetheless.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center (Covina)
This amp features two channels: one dirty and the other clean. It's a good size solid state amplifier, and its 65 watts of power are enough to gig at a good sized club (I have to turn way down to fill a fairly large room). It has built in effects including: Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Flanger, Reverb, among others. It also has a few settings for each effect, allowing you to combine certain effects.
Sound Quality:
I play an Epiphone Dot (ES335 style) out of this amp, which sounds great, but I'm sure you could pull out a lot more potential from this amp with a solidbody. It's a solid state amp, but after playing all the amps in the store many times through, I concluded I liked this one the best. It has almost a tube sound to it that's distinct from amps like the Blues Junior (which I also tried); I'd describe it as being more "expansive" in ways of the direction of the tone you can pull from this amp (though the Blues Junior does have its own distinct tone, also). It's great for that Classic Rock sound, but also performs well performing most any other types of rock. The volume of this amp is excellent, as I've had to turn down almost all the way to fill a small auditorium.
Ease of Use:
The EQ controls for the dirty and clean channels and very straightforward, and are easy to pull good settings out of. The only qualm I have with it is the fact that the built-in effects are on a knob in very small print, which doesn't have a footpedal capability (to my knowledge). It isn't practical to use the effects live, but then again, why would you settle for built-in Fender effects if you were playing live? Other than that its fairly straightforward: a Fender amp.
This amp is a tank... and it feels like one. The construction feels very heavy duty and not cheap: like you could drop it off a truck and it would still work fine (I wouldn't recommend it though). Its given me consistent sound since I started performing with it, and hasn't given me any problems.