Danelectro Fab Distortion

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Danelectro

Description A very small and portable pedal with plenty of distortion ranging from blues to metal. It has an LED that lights up as a blue color when the pedal is activated.
Posted By Adrian Dupree (4969)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 12/28/2006, Adrian Dupree (4969) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at the Boss distortion, but it was too much. I also thought about the pastrami overdrive pedal, but I read the reviews on it and many people complained that it didn't provide enough distortion.

My favorite aspect: -The amount of distortion

The worst aspect: -The footswitch

If you are in to playing Led Zeppeilin or AC/DC, then this pedal is for you.
Price: $14.99 (new)
Where Obtained: www.amazon.com
This pedal has many features. It has 3 knobs: Disotortion, Tone and Level. The footswitch is rather small and easy to miss however. An advantage of this pedal is the knobs are out of the way of getting damaged by a persons foot.

The pedal can be powered with a battery, or with an AC adapter which can be placed at the back. However my pedal did not come with these accessories. The pedal has input and output jacks at the back, and an AC adapter jack. Its a mono pedal.

It comes with a manual and a 1 year warranty card. The manual has everything you need to know including the caution statement at the end of the manual.

Overall, the gadget deserves a high 5!
Sound Quality:
I use a Smart IIIs silvertone amp, and a honeytone miniamp. I play music with a silvertone guitar. I like to sometimes play modern rock, metal and blues, and this pedal seems to have enough distortion for it. If you want to play like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, this pedal will work out for you. My amp doesn't have as much distortion as this pedal, and I like to combine my amp's tone settings and gain to get more combinations of distortion. The quality of my pedal's distortion is much greater than both of my amps. Thats why I bought this pedal. If you desire a more metallic distortion, turn the level and distortion all the way up, and turn the tone to 1 o clock.

I have to mention the negative aspects about this unit. When you turn all three nobs all the way to 12 o clock, it gets really fuzzy, so bring down the tone to 1 o clock so it will sound smoother. Another thing, the distortion gets diminished when the tone is turned counter clockwise to 1 o clock. Thats why I combine my amp's distortion with the pedal to give it a better quality distorton. The pedal can be niosy at a high level, but the niose isn't terrible. You can always get a noise suppreser.

I still admire this pedal.
Ease of Use:
It's simple! The instructions are even in the manual if you need reference or assistance.

However, it takes a bit of tweaking to get the sound you need.
Since the pedal has a small footswitch, it is easy to miss it. Like I said before, if you are using it in a practice session or even during a concert, keep your foot on the pedal!

The Danelectro company is not known for making very durable gear as far as I am concerned, but I doubt that one would need a super hard exterior for a product unless they are planning to smash it.

The pedal's exterior is made of plastic, and it's hard plastic too. The bottom is made of rubber and metal. year.