Hoosier Sound BuG, ROYal And SoB

Made by Hoosier Sound

Description High quaity 20' instrument cables. Cloth covered in various patterns and colors. Includes a JUMBO Silent conector on guitar end w/a custom fitted rubber grommet that secures the sleeve. oth ends have 3" of heat shrink covering the solder locations.
Posted By Jimmy Dyer (21)
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On 11/1/2005, Jimmy Dyer (21) posted:
Overall Rating:
The closest competitor would be a KLOTZ cable. The sound is clean and clear. Great for acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Offer 6" effect cables & other lenghths on the website (www.hoosiersound.com). The owners are the manufacturers and all materials are Made in North America (US and Canada). Check them out.
Price: $35.00 (new)
Where Obtained: www.hoosiersound.com
BuG is Blue/Green. ROYal is Red/Orange/Yellow. SoB is standard black cable. Jmbo silent end w/custom fitted grommet for strain relief and secure fit. Both ends have 3" of industrial grade heat shrinks over the solder points. Perfect for Guitar to amp or pedal board. Different configuration of silent ends as JUMBO, Right Angle and Straight ends.
Tough construction. Perfect assembly. Ends are tight and solid. No flex behind the connector so there shouldn't be an issue with solder joint breakage. A Limited LIFETIME Warranty is offered. Unless a connector bust apart, there wouldn't be a legitimate reason to return the cable. Money Back in 14 days if not 100% satisfied.