Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Set Neck Black Cherry Burst finish hard-tail bridge Seymour Duncan pickups
Posted By Trevor Carbon (786)
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On 7/27/2005, Trevor Carbon (786) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've palyed many other Fenders and this one is it baby! Check it out HERE. No other guitar I've played in this price-range have come close to the resonance and overall shine of this magical wand if tonal possibility. Any style of music can be played with child-like content on this well-crafted instrument. The finish alone is enough for me to buy this again in the event of (gasp!) losing it. Overall I believe, with correct maintenance of course, that this guitar is a life-long companion, filling every need a guitar player, beginner to advanced and beyond, could or would ever need. Except maybe an integrated digital processor and interface...
Model Year: 2003
Price: $749.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Schmitt Music
American made, this Tele stands out with it's beautiful black-cherry burst translucent finish. The set neck and hard-tail string-through-body bridge give this guitar it's endless sustain and resounding resonance. Mahogany body with carved flame maple top only add to the beauty and resonce. Volume and tone knobs include a 3-way pick-up selector between a Seymour Duncan SHPGP-1B Pearly Gates Plus Humbucking Pickup (Bridge), and Seymour Duncan SH-1N RP 59 Reverse Polarity Humbucking Pickup (Neck.) Adding the push/pull coil tap is ingenious and gives literally endless possibilities with all those classic fender tones. With 22 jumbo frets, inspiring abalone inlays and rosewood fretboard with a graphite nut, you can rest assured you're getting quality in both style and performance.
This guitar plays itself. Medium action and even high action are no problem for this guitar. The set mahogony neck with polyeurethane finish make this a "head-strong" instrument. It takes a few hours to slip out of tune at almost any intensity level. The fingerboard is not quite as fast as I would like, but makes up for it in sustain and resonance. The lack of a pickguard does hold back your strumming, only because of the beautiful finish...
Sound Quality:
Unplugged or un-doctored this guitar provides a clean and full signal, due largely to the body and electronics(Seymour duncan, 'nough said.) Slap this baby in-line, and you've got head-room, floor punding low end, and a mid-ground you couldn't sweep with a 32-band mop. Some ghastly hiss at high-freq. underneath about 90% saturation, but other than that, under almost every circumstance signal-wise, it rings through and true. Metal-heads will love it for it's series/parallel signal path, giving you screaming highs with a quick switch to rhythm with little rotating motion(a simple push or pull gets you there.) Can't mention the full-bodied resonance and sustain enough!!
This is the only weakness it has(and who says it really needs one?) Seemingly phantom hardware problems like loosening nuts and pots from time to time are really the only back-talk i need give to this beauty. Intonation is very precise and long-lasting, but saddle positioning is made easy with great truss-rod reliability. I play live with this guitar all the time. I am a very physical player and this guitar keeps up with the best of 'em. Climate change does have more of an affect than is desirable, but is any guitar made of wood not subject to it's environment? Handles well in high-humidity situations, I must say(e.g., outside in 90degrees with 100% humidity.) The special edition molded case provides great shelter for the finish, which has integrity and no signs of direct effect from hot/cold or wet/dry situations. No cracking yet!!(knock on wood!)