Behringer GMX-212

120W Combo

Made by Behringer

Description 99 effect presets, gain and 9 amp modeling combinations on each channel, tuner, Low, Mid, and Hi EQ on each channel, Presence+master for the amp, Midi port, footpedal to control channel and effect, and more.
Posted By Evan Duff (789)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 7/9/2005, Evan Duff (789) posted:
Overall Rating:
For this price, nothing comes close in size and features, and this amp really sounds good. I like the distorted models, and I would buy it again, giving that i could find it used for $200 dollars again. Great Amp
Model Year: 2004
Price: $200.00
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
I wrote the description above, its got all that plus loudspeaker output, RCA plug in for a CD player, and a few other things. Solid State but the electronics make it sound like a tube pretty well. It's great power, good for garaging or small gigs. So many
Sound Quality:
This amp sounds great for the price, it is great for hard rock and metal, but i havn't played around with the clean channel much. This amp is great for intermediates and beginners, and even as a pro's back up in an emergancy. Good sound from those 2 12" speakers.
Ease of Use:
Ok, this amp is complicated at first, but I mean, hey, if you learned to play the guitar, you have enough patients to learn to use this. Once you get the sound you want, I always write it down somewhere so I can tweak. When it comes to ease of use I will say It's not as easy as a Line 6 Spider II, but the spider of this size cost 200 bucks more...
Well, I have only had this amp for a little while, but anyone else thats had no problems except for the occasional fuse, but I mean it's a fuse, they cost pocket change...