South Of I - 10

by Sonny Landreth

Personnel Sonny Landreth - Guitar, vocals -- Mark Knopfler guests on a few tracks -- I'm not quite sure about the rest of the band
Description For those who aren't familiar with Sonny Landreth he is an amazing slide guitarist who mixes cajun and southern sounds with blues rock. One of his innovations is fretting notes behind the slide for more complex tones and more chordal possibilities.
Posted By Adrian Levi (2907)
Directory Recordings: Slide
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On 6/20/2005, Adrian Levi (2907) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great record filled with great songs, great tone, and slide playing, and decent singing. It is Landreth's third solo record and generally regarded as one of his best. I'd recommend it for anyone who plays slide.